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About the Authors of A Victim’s Guide to Sexual Harassment for California.


Broderick and Saleen, co-authors of A Victim’s Guide to Sexual Harassment and sexual harassment attorneys at the Broderick Saleen Law Firm, are dedicated to helping victims in California. Using their extensive experience in sexual harassment and employment law, they wrote the book to help inform victims about their legal rights. While their main focus is on sexual harassment and retaliation law, they also practice other areas of employment law, such as Pregnancy Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Wage and Hour Law, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, laws protecting Whistle Blowers and Employment Mediation Services. Additionally, attorneys Broderick and Saleen practice personal injury and defamation law.

Mr. Broderick is a trial attorney who has been practicing law in California for over 25 years. He is a graduate of Stanford University and University of California, Los Angeles School of Law. His decades of civil litigation experience evolved into a quest for justice for victims of sexual harassment, both within and outside of the workplace. Through his experience, he came to appreciate the great variety and seriousness of emotional harm that harassment causes to a victim. His response is to aggressively and zealously go after offenders of sexual harassment laws.

Attorney Saleen is a graduate of University of California, Hastings College of the Law. At Broderick Saleen, she aspires to empower victims of sexual harassment to stand up for themselves, protect their rights, and help them to make a positive change in their lives. She fights for sexual harassment victims and gives them a powerful voice, not only so that they can be justly compensated, but also so that they can take a stand against discrimination and harassment. She strives to help put an end to sexual harassment, so that others will never have to suffer the abuse that my clients have faced.

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